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Newcastle Office Fruit Basket Delivery


The reliable and affordable Newcastle fruit delivery service you’ve been looking for!

Fresh Fruit Snacks – Taste the Difference

Nothing quite compares to the taste of delicious in-season fruit picked at the height of perfection. They are at their sweetest, juiciest and crispest! The remarkable taste of fresh fruit comes with a host of other great perks.

Those perks include an amazing nutrient profile of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that help to keep you healthy. Fruit is also a wonderful source of dietary fibre and water, both of which play important roles in your general well-being.

By snacking on fruit, your Newcastle employees will be warding off illness and diseases that could seriously eat away at their productivity time. Instead of racking up sick days, they’ll be looking forward to the Fruit at Work box and all the goodness it contains.

Another advantage of fresh fruit baskets Newcastle offices might identify is that they help to build staff morale. Knowing you care enough to set up a fruit delivery schedule, lifts office spirits and creates an atmosphere that’s more conducive to getting things done.

Why Fruit at Work is the Obvious Choice

We know how to source the very best fruit – we’ve been doing it for over 40 years! We partner with trusted orchards and fruit farms who supply us with very tasty high-quality produce. We then hand pack our export-quality fruit and ensure that it reaches Newcastle offices in prime condition.

Our impressive logistics systems allow us to get that fruit to you in whatever quantity, mix or frequency your office desires. Our Newcastle fruit delivery service always meets our clients’ requirements because we treat each order with the utmost care.

Customers have come to trust in the quality of both the fruit baskets Newcastle offices receive from us and the amazing customer service that back it up. In fact, the value-adding experience of our customer service is a part of the reason we have won so many industry awards.

Place your order with Fruit at Work today for your Newcastle fruit basket delivery. Join our customers all over New South Wales in experiencing our enviable combination of a great product and great customer support!

Top Quality Fruit Baskets Newcastle Offices Love

Each Fruit at Work box that arrives at your office is filled with fruit at the peak of perfection. They appeal to all your senses and you can almost taste them long before that first bite. When you do take that bite, it’s everything you anticipated and more!

Juicy, sweet, delicious fruit that is soft and creamy or firm and crisp – just as Mother Nature intended. Our Newcastle clients are never disappointed with the awesome quality of the fruit our boxes contain.

Very Flexible Newcastle Fruit Basket Delivery Service

Our first-rate customer service representatives are experts at matching your order to your specific needs. They can assure you of getting the variety of fruit that you want on the days that work best for you.

Quantity is no problem. So whether you are a small, medium or large company, we give you exactly the amount of fruit you need to suit your staff count and each person’s special preference of fruit.

Great Value on Newcastle Fruit Delivery Options

We keep our rates reasonable because we want as many customers as possible to enjoy the experience of fresh fruit at work. We encourage all the offices we serve to take advantage of our volume pricing, order splits and labelling requirements.

With our great deals and customer friendly prices, you can’t go wrong. Your office can be enjoying delectable fruit on many more days!

Contact us today – we are ready to bring you yummy fruit at work anytime you want!