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Wendy Visontay - Founder, Fruit at Work"When I tasted that first juicy apple, I knew that the workplaces of Australia would be as hooked as I was." 

Fruit at Work didn't originally start out as a fresh fruit delivery business. The idea was an "experiment" within my existing food distribution business, a business that supplied 1000s of workplaces all over Sydney with a constant supply of extremely unhealthy chips, chocolates, biscuits and soft drinks. Over and over again, I was getting bombarded by the same question: "Can you provide us with something healthy?" Hmmm, I thought, there must be something that can be done about this request.

They say that timing is everything, and one day in August, 2002 I met a very impressive fruit exporter whose reputation was legendary at Sydney Produce Markets. This larger-than-life fruiterer has had such an impressive career that he was awarded an AM for his contribution to the Australian Export industry - pretty amazing stuff !
When I tasted that first juicy apple, I knew that the workplaces of Australia would be as hooked as I was.

After this meeting, I did something extremely drastic -- I (with my business partner) sold our snack food business. This allowed me to concentrate 100% on developing a service to provide the highest quality fruit to offices around Australia. Fruit at Work was off the ground.

Our business model has been built on a foundation of friendly and reliable customer service, underpinned by cutting edge information technology and logistics systems. We source only the highest quality and freshest products, which is acknowledged through our continually amazing customer feedback and numerous business awards.

Fruit at Work has seen an explosive growth since its humble beginnings in 2002, confirming my hunch that the workplaces of Australia were hungry for premium, mouth-watering fruit to enjoy throughout the day.

Fruit at Work is now the most awarded workplace fruit supplier in Australia (possibly even the world!). We lead the workplace fruit industry with our innovation, incomparable fruit quality and fanatical customer service.

I hope you enjoy eating Australia's finest fruit.


Wendy Visontay

Fruit at Work - Founder/strong>