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Geelong Office Fruit Basket Delivery


We’re providing the wonderful fruit baskets Geelong offices love!

Yummy Fruit = Healthy Snacks

You want to have a healthy snack at work, right? It’s not always easy though to remember to grab a banana or an apple as you rush out in the morning. Neither is it always convenient to stop and pick up a bag of tasty grapes or some juicy cherries as you make you way to the office.

The solution: Fruit at Work!

Our Geelong fruit basket delivery service helps you take salty, sugary and dry snacks off your mid-morning snacking list. Instead, you get a selection of lovely in-season hand-packed fruit that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients.

Many employers are realising that providing refreshing fruit for their employees is the perfect win-win situation. Office morale gets a wonderful boost with the arrival of each of our Fruit at Work boxes and encourages employees to put in all the effort needed to complete projects and get tasks done.

Fruit at Work is the Perfect Choice

We have over 40 years of solid experience sourcing fruit of the highest quality from reputable orchards and fruit farms across Australia. Nothing beats the awesome in-season fruit they provide and the first-class logistics systems we employ to get it to you at the peak of perfection.

At Fruit at Work we are committed to ensuring your Geelong office has a reliable supply of the freshest, export-quality fruit available. We select and hand pack only the best fruit and pair it with our enviable customer support to ensure you get the very best produce and service experience possible.

Many Geelong offices already know and love the service we provide. Start your own Geelong fruit basket delivery schedule with us today and find out for yourself why we are an award-winning fresh fruit delivery company.

Highest Quality in All Fruit Baskets Geelong Offices Order from Us

Every piece of fruit plucked from one of our Geelong fruit delivery boxes looks, feels, smells and tastes like farm fresh fruit should. Everyone in your office is sure to enjoy the wonderful selection of premium quality fruit we provide.

We carefully select, pack and deliver fruits in prime condition because that is exactly what our clients want from us. So, with all our fruit baskets, Geelong customers get delicious, top quality fruit that exceeds their expectations.

Our Flexible Geelong Fruit Delivery Puts Your Needs and Preferences First

We have a hard working customer service team that can handle whatever requirements your Geelong office needs in its fruit order. If you have preferred days – tell us. If you have a particular mix of fruit in mind – tell us that too.

If your staff is just 5 or hundreds, don’t worry, we are up to task of meeting all your needs. We’ll match your desired number of days and quantity of fruit to ensure you get just what suits your office best.

Great Value for Every Dollar with Our Geelong Fruit Basket Delivery Service

We love the fact that we make enjoying yummy fruit at work affordable for everyone. We do that by offering you great savings on volume pricing, order splits, labelling requirements and more.

Dollar for dollar, our reasonable rates and amazing fruit quality means you get the very best value. Compare and see for yourself why Fruit at Work is a leader in the office fruit delivery industry.

Set up your Geelong fruit basket delivery with us today so your staff can start enjoying the fresh fruit goodness other offices rave about!