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Wollongong Office Fruit Basket Delivery


Wollongong fruit basket delivery has never been better

Looking for a Great Snack? Go With Fruit!

Often times when you reach for a salty, sugary or dry snack at work it’s not because you want to, but rather because you don’t really have another choice available. That’s where Fruit at Work steps in – putting the option of a great-tasting, good-for-you snack right at the fingertips of Wollongong workers.

Wholesome fresh goodies in the fruit baskets Wollongong offices get from us come without the guilt of snacking on empty calories. Fruit is packed full for vitamins, minerals antioxidants water and dietary fibre. Delicious fruit is a guilt-free way to enjoy your mid-morning snack and leave you energised, satiated and ready to tackle the day’s next big tasks.

By scheduling Wollongong fruit delivery for your staff you’ll be doing something great for them and something wonderful for your business as well. Here’s why – fruit helps to keep your staff healthy. That means they’ll need to take less sick days off from work and while at work, they’ll be able to better focus on getting jobs done. 

Top Reasons to Make it Fruit at Work

We have the experience – over 40 years sourcing excellent fruit from some of the finest fruit farms and orchards in Australia.

We offer great customer support – Our highly experienced team takes the time to assist you in every way possible to ensure your Wollongong fruit basket delivery schedule is the ideal one for you.

We have been recognised by our peers – With several awards under our belts, Fruit at Work has an enviable reputation of excellence in the industry.

We simply love fruit! – That’s why we carefully hand pack each Wollongong fruit delivery box. We ensure your order reaches you in optimum condition so you too can enjoy lovely fresh fruit at its best.

Place your order today - very soon your office staff can begin enjoying fresh healthy fruit snacks and all the benefits they bring!

Awesome Quality with Every Wollongong Fruit Basket Delivery

In-season fruit is the very best fruit there is and that’s what we give our Wollongong clients. Our fruit are fresh, wholesome, juicy and fragrant – your senses are in for a real treat. Just feast your eyes upon the beautiful fruit that arrives in every one of our boxes.

No need to send out the word that the Fruit at Work box has arrived. The lovely scents of the delicious fruits announce it for you! We know your staff will appreciate the awesome quality of the fresh fruits they get from us.

Our Wollongong Fruit Delivery is Super Flexible – Just Tell Us What You Prefer!

We have first-rate logistics systems that allow us to be extremely flexible in terms of the product and service that we provide for Wollongong offices. Talk to us about your preferred delivery days. Share with us exactly what mix of fruit you need to get in each box. We will meet your needs.

No matter your staff count– hundreds or just 5, we can match the quantity and variety your office requires every time.

With Our Fruit Baskets Wollongong Offices Get Greater Value

Enjoying fresh fruit while you’re at work should not be a luxury – the benefits of fruit are way too important for that. That’s why we strive to add extra value to fruit baskets Wollongong customers order from us.

We can assist you with volume pricing, order splits, labelling requirements and fitting in as many delivery days as you need. Our team of customer service experts will work the numbers with you to guarantee you get the very best deal from us every time!

Having fresh fruit snacks at your office is just an order away – contact us today!