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Toowoomba Office Fruit Basket Delivery


The tasty fruit baskets Toowoomba offices rave about!

Choose You Next Snack Wisely

As readily available as they are, salt, sweet and dry snacks are not the best options when it comes to grabbing a snack at work. They tend to leave you thirsty and constantly going off to get yet another glass of water.

Fruit, on the other hand, is a much better choice! They are loaded with vitamins, minerals and a host of other nutrients that nourish your body. They also supply lots of water and dietary fibre.

With fruit as your snack, you can easily go from breakfast to lunch without the usual mid-morning hunger pangs. They also give you energy to tackle the tasks you have on your schedule and some people find that chewing is a great way to get their creative juices flowing!

Employees really do appreciate it when their boss does that little something extra for them. It boosts office morale and translates into greater productivity. Your Toowoomba office could be experiencing these wonderful effects just by you placing your Fruit at Work order today!

Why do so Many Toowoomba Offices Choose Fruit at Work?

Our aim is to please our customers. The fruit baskets Toowoomba workplaces receive from us are special not just because of the delicious in-season fruit they contain.

How do we select the best fruit? We have been sourcing farm fresh produce for over 40 years and so, we know just what to look for. Our connections to the very best fruit farms and orchards in the industry run deep. They supply us with premium quality fruit to satisfy the discerning tastes of our Toowoomba clients.

How do we provide such great customer support? We understand the nutritional importance of fruit. Having fresh fruit at work each day is something we enjoy and we really want to share that experience with our customers.

What happens when you put the two together? An amazing product matched with an exceptional customer service team gives our clients the greatest value in Toowoomba fruit basket delivery for their offices.

We Fill Your Basket with Fruit of the Highest Quality

Ever notice how just the sight of a juicy piece of fruit makes your mouth water. That’s the effect created by the exquisite fruit that fill the fruit baskets Toowoomba offices get from Fruit at Work.

Our fruit appeals to all your senses. They feel wholesome in your hand when you first pluck them from the box. Their inviting scents waft through the office to let everyone know the scrumptious Fruit at Work box has arrived.

They are sparkling as you feast your eyes on them. They crunch just right, as only farm fresh fruit can. Then, there is the taste – sweet, tart, creamy, crisp just as Mother Nature designed!

We’re Flexible - Toowoomba Fruit Delivery Just the Way You Like It!

Every office has its own special requests when it comes to arranging a Toowoomba fruit basket delivery schedule. You need it to cater to your staff count, to each person’s special tastes in fruit and to the days that suit you best.

We can do that! Our first-class logistic systems help us meet whatever arrangements you need in terms of the quantity of fruit in your box, the mix of fruit that we pack for you and the days you want your yummy fruit delivered.

The Very Best Rates for Toowoomba Fruit Delivery

Fruit at Work believes that healthy eating should never be over-priced. That’s why, we strive to keep our rates low and to help you get the very best deal on your order from us.

Talk to our team of dedicated customer service representatives about volume pricing, order splits and labelling requirements. They’ll help you figure out the best combination of fruit variety, fruit quantity and delivery days to match your office’s budget.

Don’t hesitate – setting up your Toowoomba fruit delivery with us is super easy. Do it today!