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Sunshine Coast Office Fruit Basket Delivery


Need fresh fruit delivered to your Sunshine Coast office? – We’re here for you!

Healthy Snacks Make A Big Difference

The hand-packed fruit baskets Sunshine Coast offices order from us, are filled with wonderfully fresh great-for-you fruit. Our fruit simply out-class those salty, sweet and empty calorie snacks that are all that’s available in some workplaces.

Fruit helps to naturally boost your employees’ energy levels and contribute to their general well-being. Since they are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, fruits can help stave of illness and disease. As a result, you might find persons having to take less sick days off from work.

Employees know and appreciate when their boss has their best interest at heart. They, in turn, are happy to come to work and give to 100% while they are there. It’s a clear win-win situation!

Show your staff you care by setting up a Fruit at Work delivery schedule today. Healthy, farm fresh and delicious seasonal fruit will be delivered to your offices by our award winning Sunshine Coast fruit delivery service.

The Sunshine Coast fruit basket delivery service you can trust

We give you the things that matter the most – the things you are looking from your Sunshine Coast fruit delivery company.

We know where to get the best fruit – after all we’ve been sourcing them for over 40 years! We work with the most respected fruit farms and orchards around to ensure we are able to bring to your Sunshine Coast office the loveliest seasonal fruit in prime condition.

It is our aim to ensure that your staff enjoys all the advantages of having fresh healthy fruit delivered to them. Our outstanding industry knowledge enables us to give you a first-rate product and then back it up with our amazing customer service.

For premium quality fruit baskets, Sunshine Coast offices need look no further!

Presentation is always key whenever it comes to food service. We strive to appeal to all your senses to make the Fruit at Work experience most enjoyable for you.

So, our selection of in-season fruit is wholesome in every way. They have the bold tastes and rich textures that only fresh fruit can give. They are beautiful to look at and their wonderful scents loudly announce that the Fruit at Work basket has arrived!

Just by looking in the fruit baskets, Sunshine Coast clients immediately see that the quality and type of fruit perfectly match what they would have picked out for themselves!

We provide flexible Sunshine Coast fruit delivery services

The outstanding logistics systems we have in place allow us to offer you all the flexibility you desire. We can fill your every request to guarantee your satisfaction. So, please, tell us what you prefer in terms of the quantity, variety of fruit and your preferred delivery days.

We tailor our services to suit you regardless of the size of your business. Are you a small start-up of 5 members or a booming business with hundreds of staff? No worries, for us, you are simply number 1 and that’s how we make you feel.

Unbeatable rates on Sunshine Coast fruit basket delivery

We'll help you crunch the numbers so your staff can munch away at yummy fruit. Talk to us about volume pricing and order splits. We'll assist you in selecting the right amount of fruit and the ideal number of delivery days to match your budget.

Put us to the test and watch our amazing customer service team come up with the very best value for you, all the while ensuring that the quality of your fruit exceeds your expectations.

Start your own Sunshine Coast fruit basket delivery schedule with us today and set your office off on a wonderful fresh fruit adventure!