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Penrith Office Fruit Basket Delivery


Our Penrith customers get excellent quality and award-winning service.

Fruits = Guilt-Free Snacking

There’s something special about fresh fruit. As you bite into it, you just know you’re doing something great for your body! You can actually feel proud of the fact that instead of reaching for a salty, sugary or dry snack you are enjoying delicious nutritious fruit like the ones our Penrith fruit delivery service provides.

The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals fruits contain do wonders at helping to keep you healthy. As you savour your snack of fruit, you are giving your body some of the tools it needs to fight off illnesses and reduce those sick days to a bare minimum!

A snack of fruits also helps to keep mid-morning hunger at bay as they fill you up with their amazing nutrients plus the water and dietary fibre they contain.

Penrith employees appreciate their bosses’ gesture of providing a great healthy snack option in the office. Employers, on the other hand, relish the obvious boost in staff morale that comes with fruit baskets Penrith offices get from us.

By ordering from us today, your office can start reaping the many benefits of having incredibly healthful fruit at work!

Experience the Fruit at Work Advantage

What places us firmly in the top tier of Penrith fruit delivery services? Well, for starters, we have over 40 years of experience sourcing farm fresh, top-quality fruit from the best fruit farms and orchards across Australia.

Over this time, we have made deep connections within the industry that translate into the ability to pass on extraordinary value to our clients. We are supplied with scrumptious in-season fruit which we carefully hand pack and deliver to your Penrith office in prime condition.

Another driving force behind our award-winning service is our dedicated customer support team. From your first contact with us to the follow-up after delivery, they ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product and service you receive.

Sign up for your own Penrith fruit basket delivery from us today and find out for yourself why we are among the best in the industry.

Excellent Quality in All Fruit Baskets Penrith Clients Receive From Us

Juicy, fresh, wholesome fruit is what our company supplies to our clients all over New South Wales. You and your staff will definitely be delighted with the arrival of each of our boxes of delectable fruit.

Sparkling, healthy-looking fruit with scents that waft invitingly through the office provide the perfect mid-morning (or anytime!) treat. The selection of fruit in each Penrith fruit basket delivery does not disappoint since the fruit reaches you at the peak of perfection.

Our Flexibility Caters to Your Specific Penrith Fruit Delivery Needs

Our enviable logistics systems help to guarantee that every order is filled to match your preferences exactly and delivered right on time. We can handle the variety of fruit you need in each box, the volume of fruit your office requires and the number of delivery days that suit you best.

Personalising the contents of fruit baskets Penrith clients receive from us is just a natural part of what we do – it’s built into our awesome service. Our satisfied customers really love that our flexibility makes it possible for them to enjoy tasty fruit at work on their terms!

Unsurpassed Value for Each of Our Clients in Penrith

Large, medium or small – the size of your company should not dictate how affordable it is to set up a Penrith fruit basket delivery schedule for your office.

Talk to our friendly and experienced customer service representatives about volume pricing, order splits and labelling requirements. They know how to use our reasonable rates to get you the very best value on your order.

Want to have wonderfully delicious fruit delivered to your office? Place your order with us today!