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Gold Coast Office Fruit Basket Delivery


Gold Coast offices can depend on our superior fresh fruit delivery service

Snack Right Every Time

It’s necessary at times to take a short break from work to recharge and relax with a snack. Fruit is a great snack choice since it gives you energy and nutrients to make you more productive once you get back to work.

Usually, though, enjoying fruit at the office means having to bring it yourself – not always possible in the rush to get to work.

Fruit at Work understands this and we’re proud to supply the healthy, fresh, hand-packed fruit baskets Gold Coast offices have come to love and really look forward to.

No more frequent trips to the water cooler because you had to settle for a dry, salty snack. No more dozing off at your desk after a sugar rush from over-sweet snacks.

Make the Right Choice with Fruit at Work

The primary goal behind our Gold Coast fruit basket delivery service is to reach as many offices in Gold Coast as possible so we can help them reap the benefits of having healthy tasty fruit at work!

Our experience in the industry includes sourcing Australia’s finest fruit for over 40 years. We know where to get the best produce and our Gold Coast fruit delivery service puts that knowledge to work for you.

The orchards and fruit farms we partner with are experts in the field. They supply us with fresh seasonal fruit at the peak of perfection to fill the fruit baskets Gold Coast workplaces use to satisfy their craving for flavourful fruit.

Our Gold Coast fruit basket delivery service has earned the respect of our peers. We have won many industry awards for the high quality of our product and the enviable level of customer support our clients receive.

Every Box Filled with Unsurpassed Quality

It’s not just that the fruit we supply your Gold Coast office is good for you but they also come to you in tip top condition and beautifully packaged. You start eating them with your eyes long before you take that first juicy bite.

That bite definitely does not disappoint because we give you premium in-season fruit. They are at their juiciest, give the richest flavours and the freshness of each crunch is simply unmistakeable.

The bottom line is that with our fruit baskets, Gold Coast customers get the type and quality of fruit you would select yourself!

We Understand Your Need for a Flexible Gold Coast Fruit Delivery Service

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. After all, satisfying the needs of our Gold Coast clients is what keeps them coming back to us.

Please feel free to let us know of any special requests you have for your Gold Coast fruit basket delivery. Whether it’s the amount of fruit, the mix that comes in the box or the days you need your order delivered – don’t worry our first-rate logistics systems can handle it all. 

Regardless of the size of the size of your office, we personalize our Gold Coast fruit delivery to match you requests. So, if you are a staff of hundreds or just 5, you’ll simply feel like number 1 when you order from us.

The Best Pricing Options Available in the Industry

We know you want to take advantage of all the goodness fresh fruit bring to your workplace and being able to do so at an affordable price is a major plus. We give you all the options you need in terms of pricing, labelling requirements and order splits on your Gold Coast fruit basket delivery orders.

Let us know the quantity of fruit and the number of delivery days that suit you best. Our friendly and hardworking customer service team will work with you to set up a schedule that is ideal for you.

Place an order with us today and begin sharing the Fruit at Work experience with your employees. Watch staff moral soar with the delivery of each box!