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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we get about our fruit and service.

  1. Why should your company provide fruit to its employees? 
    Fruit will create a healthier workplace, energise your staff morale and generally increase office productivity. According to a recent UK research study* "87% of people - whether working or not - would rather be employed by someone who provides health and well-being support". A workplace fruit service is the most cost-effective employee benefit in Australia today. * Standard Life Healthcare Attitudes to Healthcare Survey

  2. Why is Fruit at Work a smarter choice than other suppliers?
    Two words sum it all up - quality and safety. Our competitors usually buy cheaper fruit and the end result is a product that is just not as good as ours (despite what they claim).  Our buyers' 40 years of fruit industry experience has cemented our reputation as supplying Australia's finest workplace fruit. In addition to this, we are the only corporate fruit supplier with the highest safety certification for our main production facility.

  3. Isn't it cheaper for me to buy fruit for the office at the closest fruit shop? 
    We believe that your time is worth far more than the saving of buying your own fruit. Do you really want to trudge down to the fruit shop (possibly in heels and wet weather), grab a trolley, pick several varieties of fruit to please everyone in the office (even the fussy ones). Then you have to make sure that all this fruit will ripen at the same time. You'll then need to line up, pay for the fruit at purchase time, and then head back to work (possibly carrying it). Add in the cost of your time, the delivery cost to get the fruit to your office, the possibility of an injury if you have to take the fruit back yourself..... and you can easily see why the Fruit at Work service is so much easier. 

  4. Do I have to have a weekly delivery?
    No. Whilst most of our customers enjoy weekly delivery of their fresh fruit, we can also provide our office fruit baskets on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis. Call us to discuss your specific needs. We will also provide advice on how to mix the number of baskets so that your workplace will have a consistent supply of fresh fruit that suits your budget. 

  5. What time do you deliver?
    You can expect to receive your fruit basket any time between 8:00am and 1.30pm in a major city. Regional deliveries may arrive any time through the day. 

  6. How can I order from you?
    It's easy. You can either send us your contact details and we will call you straight back, or simply call us on 1300-246-256. We encourage discussing your fruit requirements over a telephone call (or in person). That way, we can ensure we get your delivery just right - in terms of quantity, delivery days, order splits, labelling requirements and volume pricing. 

  7. What payment options are available?
    By cheque on invoice.
    By credit card - we currently accept Visa, Bankcard, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express. We do not charge a surcharge for any credit card type.
    By Direct Deposit into our account.
    (We do not accept cash payment for regular weekly deliveries.) 

  8. Am I locked into a contract or can I change or stop my order?
    We do not use contracts of any kind to lock you into a scheduled delivery. Many customers begin on a "trial" basis to see how the fruit will be received, usually moving to a weekly permanent delivery after a few deliveries. You have complete flexibility to change or stop your fruit delivery service at any time. It's as simple as a phone call or email to advise us of any changing requirement. We do ask for at least one full business day of notice to cancel an existing order. 

  9. What if I don't like the fruit?
    If any fruit that you ever receive EVER fails to taste like heaven, we want you to ask. and get.your money returned in full. That's right. You are covered by our "Rock Solid NO-RISK 100% Money-Back Guarantee". We will replace your fruit or give you your money back in full. 

  10. What areas do you currently deliver to?
    Our drivers currently deliver our fresh fruit baskets to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and numerous regional centres. 

  11. Will the fruit be difficult to eat in my office?
    No. We only supply "hand-held" fruit that can be easily eaten in your office.

  12. Do you sell organic workplace fruit? 
    No. We do not believe that organic fruit will provide a healthier or better experience for your workplace. A BRW article states: "An analysis of 50 years of nutritional research for the UK's FSA found organic food is no healthier than ordinary food."

  13. What happens if my regular delivery day coincides with a public or industry holiday? 
    If your regular delivery happens to coincide with a Public Holiday for your location, we will deliver your fruit the following day unless specifically requested otherwise. For industry holidays, we will deliver your fruit on your regular day unless specifically requested otherwise (as many companies still work on these holidays).