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The Best Value In Workplace Fruit

Unbeatable, rock solid pricing for ultra-premium fruit all year round.

  1. Why should you strive to only supply the best fruit to your staff.
    Fruit is one of the first and most cost effective steps to a meaningful Health and Wellbeing Programme. Employees can feel valued and appreciated with a relatively small investment – so why undermine this by providing the cheapest quality product available? The fruit you provide sends a message to your staff as to how much they are valued and cared for. 

  2. Our signature box has it all.

    The old saying – “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true with workplace fruit. Many suppliers who pride themselves on their cheap pricing, fail to disclose that extras (such as strawberries, grapes, mangoes) all attract a surcharge. The pretty pictures on their web sites lead you to believe they are all part of the package – yet they invariably are not. We never charge for any extras with our signature mix.

  3. Rock-solid pricing through the year.
    Fruit prices go up and down almost as much as petrol prices! We realise that companies need to be able to budget their yearly fruit spend, so our fruit basket pricing stays rock solid every week of the year. Unlike other suppliers, we do not change your weekly mix just because the prices went up that week.

  4. Volume pricing for larger orders.
    We offer significant pricing discounts for deliveries across an entire enterprise. We look forward to discussing your company-wide fruit requirements and providing the most cost effective solution you can find.