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Fruit Hygiene and Safety

Our main production facilities are fully accredited under the HACCP and SQF2000 safe food handling certification programmes. No other office fruit box supplier has both of these accreditations and many use their delivery drivers to pack.

Most of us don’t consider how safe our food is. Often, it only occurs to us when contaminated food has made us sick. When selecting your food, stringent handling conditions should be a major consideration – the consequences of under-estimating this could be extremely serious. Food safety is especially true with fruit and vegetables.

Fruit at Work’s Standards: A Notch Above the Rest

At Fruit at Work, we treat food safety as a priority and as such, handle your fruit in the safest manner possible. We consider this to be so important that our major production facilities are accredited with numerous safety certifications. No other workplace fruit supplier will be able to give you this level of assurance.

Fruit at Work’s main production facility holds HACCP and SQF2000 certification, endorsing our commitment to food safety procedures. The facility is also fully accredited to the Woolworth’s Quality Assurance Standard and the Coles Plus Standard. To maintain these certifications, the facility is independently audited every six months, involving rigorous inspections to ensure every requirement is met.

Tamper Proof Packaging

In addition to safe & clean fruit handling, we ensure each box is sealed upon leaving our facilities. On arrival, you know that the fruit has not been tampered with or touched throughout the delivery process.

Certified Suppliers

Another benefit of Fruit at Work’s supply certification process is that the vast majority of our fruit is chemically tested and is supplied from a grower who also holds a Quality Assurance certificate. This shows how we go far beyond what is expected or even mandated in providing our customers with the finest fruit available.

Not a Requirement- Check to make sure your fruit is safe!

If you are comparing workplace fruit suppliers, you should note whether they hold any certification. You may be surprised to discover most lack any sort of qualifications, meaning there are no legal regulations on the company to oversee its fruit handling activities. If their fruit is procured and handled in an unhygienic environment you may be putting yourself and your staff at risk.

Without proper certification, there is essentially no real regulation, meaning fruit could be sourced from anywhere. Fruit at Work takes great care in selecting where our fruit originates, and how it is treated before and during packing. Our supply certification means that we have strict cleanliness procedures in place.

Fruit at Work takes great pride in knowing that we have the only workplace fruit supply that is picked and packed in a quality controlled, internationally accredited facility.