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High Quality Fruit Delivered

How we provide the finest workplace fruit delivery service in Australia

The questions we get about our fruit and service.

  1. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.
    The same product quality - week after week after week. From what our customers tell us,quality appears to be the biggest downfall of other workplace fruit suppliers. 

  2. A buyer with more than 40 years buying experience.
    Over 40 years of fruit buying experience focused on providing Australia's highest quality fruit. 

  3. Each fruit box is hand packed and visually inspected.
    Our packers check each piece of fruit that is packed and discard any that are not up to our standard. 

  4. We remove stickering from your fruit pieces. 
    Our fruit has been de-stickered before you receive it (most locations). Our competitors don't think this is important, but it gives our packers a second opportunity to check the fruit quality. It's a small detail that we think helps create an exceptional product and service. 

  5. A perfect seasonal mix.
    Our buyer knows exactly when to start and stop buying a certain variety of fruit.