The walking meeting

Here at Fruit at Work, we’re a big fan of TED. And this week, we wanted to spread this idea of walking and meeting at the same time. Add this short TED talk by Nilofer Merchant to your playlist and have a think about how you can change your working life by stepping outside the meeting room, literally.


YouTube TED video - Got a meeting Take a walk THE WALKING MEETING


Walking and talking is a great way to avoid interruptions and outside distractions while improving your health and wellbeing. As well as burning kilojoules, the action of moving side by side helps remove hierarchal barriers and bring about more open discussions while being surrounded by stimulating natural environments.


How to organise a walking meeting

1. When you’re adding a meeting into the calendar, set the assembly point to outside the office front door and ask participants to wear comfy shoes or trainers.

2. Keep the walking meeting to one-on-one or smaller groups so that everyone can participate.

3. Consider where you’ll walk and the time it will take to complete your circuit and limit the agenda to this. Select a route that’s flat to suit different fitness levels and if you can, keep away from busy main roads where noise can limit what people hear.

4. Walking meetings work well in the mornings, but can also help counteract the mid-afternoon slump. The movement of oxygen around the body helps stimulate the brain, allowing you to think more clearly (and maybe even solve problems quicker).


Source: Via American Express’ Tumblr, a Tumblr designed to motivate and inspire.