The calming benefits of lunchtime meditation

iStock_000004127517Small_Businesswoman meditating THE CALMING BENEFITS OF LUNCHTIME MEDITATION

We all feel the stress of modern life but those among us who practice regular meditation habits may be both better equipped to cope with the negative effects of stress on their bodies and reap the many other benefits associated with regular meditation.


No longer just a ‘new age’ term or restricted to those who enjoy a so-called ‘alternative’ lifestyle, meditation is now a mainstream activity, practiced by people from all walks of life.  We all feel a fundamental need for moments of silence or some quiet time to ourselves and the routine of daily meditation can provide this outlet to achieve some inner peace.  Some of the beneficial side effects of daily meditation are explored below.


Neuroscientists at the Harvard Medical School have found that people who meditate shift brain activity from the stress-prone right frontal cortex to the calmer left frontal cortex.  It is this shift that is considered to be beneficial in helping to reduce stress levels, mild depression, chronic pain and anxiety.  After periods of prolonged regular meditation practice, many people participating in the research reported feeling calmer and happier.


General health and wellbeing is also thought to be heightened with regular meditation.  By reducing stress levels, and the associated negative effects on the body, meditation practice may have many indirect health benefits. These benefits could include lowering your blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, alleviating headaches and helping to slow your breathing rate.  Other ailments worsened by stress (such as allergies and arthritis) might also improve with regular meditation.


Meditation has also been thought to have had a positive result with assisting in reducing specific stressors like phobias and fears.  And, many mothers-to-be report feeling connected to their babies through meditating.


If you are on a quest for some quiet time, try scheduling some regular meditation into your daily routine, especially at lunchtime.  If you need help getting started, there are many guided meditations available that can lead you through the process. With regular practice, you could be on the road to inner tranquillity and better health in no time.


Free guided meditations are available to download from your Android or iTunes app store. Alternatively, why not try Googling a lunchtime meditation class near your office.