The Healthy Office Blog

  • How to start your walk-to-work program
    28 June 2022
    Are you looking for a great way to get fit and healthy, without spending a cent? Forget about expensive gym memberships, fancy equipment, or insane exertion – according to the experts, all you need to achieve a healthier lifestyle is your own two feet.
  • Six tips to achieve a better work-life balance for women
    28 June 2022
    In just a few days, we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day. And goodness haven’t times changed in just a few decades. Today’s modern woman makes up almost half the workforce, with many achieving the highest leadership positions. Women are expected to work harder and smarter than ever before, and in many cases nowadays, juggle raising a family and caring for ageing parents and ailing family members.
  • The calming benefits of lunchtime meditation
    28 June 2022
    We all feel the stress of modern life but those among us who practice regular meditation habits may be both better equipped to cope with the negative effects of stress on their bodies and reap the many other benefits associated with regular meditation.
  • The walking meeting
    28 June 2022
    Here at Fruit at Work, we’re a big fan of TED. And this week, we wanted to spread this idea of walking and meeting at the same time. Add this short TED talk by Nilofer Merchant to your playlist and have a think about how you can change your working life by stepping outside the meeting room, literally.
  • How to avoid eye strain at work
    28 June 2022
    You have a pressing deadline looming and hours more work ahead of you. You start to feel the pounding of a tension headache build… Suddenly, your eyes begin to ache, and it’s difficult to focus on your screen. Eye strain strikes again.
  • How to stress less at work!
    28 June 2022
    It’s nigh on impossible to avoid stress altogether in the workplace, so the key lies in your ability to manage it. This week, we thought we’d share BetterWorks’ infographic with tips on how you can manage your stress.
  • How to keep your breath fresh at work
    28 June 2022
    A few hours after returning from a delicious lunch, you fall into conversation with a couple of co-workers and suddenly feel self-conscious about the state of your post-feast oral hygiene.
  • How To Relieve a Headache at Work
    28 June 2022
    Did you know there are over 30 DIFFERENT TYPES OF HEADACHES? From Allergy, Cough and Fasting Headaches to Eyestrain, Migraine and yes even Goggle Headaches – they all cause different symptoms in different locations. Whichever type you experience, having a headache is awful and – in some cases – debilitating.