How To Relieve a Headache at Work

Did you know there are over 30 DIFFERENT TYPES OF HEADACHES? From Allergy, Cough and Fasting Headaches to Eyestrain, Migraine and yes even Goggle Headaches – they all cause different symptoms in different locations. Whichever type you experience, having a headache is awful and – in some cases – debilitating.


Headaches At Work


When it comes to headaches, everyone is unique. However, the important thing to know is you don’t have to suffer, and there’s plenty you can do to take charge and improve the quality of your life. Although medication can help relieve and in some cases even prevent symptoms, getting to know your individual patterns and triggers can help you work out a personal headache management plan. This week is national Headache and Migraine Week, and Headache Australia has CRITICAL ADVICE to help you take charge of your headaches.


Top 10 tips to ease a headache at work

• Take a break. Staring at a computer screen or even sitting in the same position can increase the tension in your muscles.

• Go for a walk. Sometimes a little exercise in the fresh air can help relieve the symptoms.

• Massage tense areas. Find the sore spots on your head, face, neck and shoulders and massage them gently to relieve the tension.

• Drink plenty of water. Consider whether you might be dehydrated and make sure you have fresh water at hand all day.

• What did you eat today? Certain foods, such as preservatives and MSG, can trigger headaches. Take a look at your diet and get to know your triggers.

• Take deep breaths. We work at such a fast pace nowadays that sometimes we forget the benefits of good deep breathing. Close your eyes at your desk and breathe deeply in and out a few times to release tension and relax.

• Keep an eye mask in the office fridge. If you’re prone to headaches at work, a cold eye mask can help relieve the pain in some cases.

• Find a quiet, dark boardroom. Sensory overload never helps when you feel a humdinger of a headache coming on so find a quiet space, away from excess light and noise that may be causing you stress. Book a room for a period of time to allow you the opportunity to sleep if necessary.

• Take a long, warm shower. If your office has showers, make the most of their soothing effect.

• Try a caffeinated drink. It’s thought that small doses of caffeine may help relieve the early stages of a migraine headache. However, make sure you don’t have too much as you don’t want a withdrawal headache afterwards.


Remember to sleep well, eat wisely, manage stress and take plenty of exercise. Above all, always consult your doctor if you have severe pain, continuous headaches and concerns.