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  • You'll be glad you picked a pear
    28 June 2022
    This month, you’ll notice an increase in the most divine perfectly ripe and juicy pears in your Fruit at Work boxes. If the colour doesn’t tempt you alone, take a look at how biting into one of these world favourites can help you stay healthy at work!
  • Citrus Fruits– Nature's Natural Flu Fighters
    28 June 2022
    You may be contagious from the first day even before you’re aware of any symptoms, and for up to seven days after the sickness takes hold. So, it’s important you do what you can to help prevent spreading infection both at home and work. YOUR WORKPLACE GERM DEFENCE STRATEGY Microbiology researcher Charles Gerba has conducted dozens of recent studies on workplace contagion, concluding that the best way to avoid catching the latest office bug is by adopting an aggressive defence strategy.
  • Fruit In Focus: Kiwifruit
    28 June 2022
    Kiwifruit add the most gorgeous tropical taste to tossed green salads and fruit dishes and can be used to add colour and nutrition when decorating or filling desserts such as fruit tarts and pavlovas. Because they contain enzymes that act as a food tenderiser, you should always add them to your dishes at the last minute to avoid making other ingredients soggy.