Fruit in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country to visit. With year-round tropical weather, easy transport and plenty of great shopping, there are many reasons to go there. But one thing that always sits very high on the list of things that make Singapore great is food. There are boundless places to try, from fine dining to street side vendors; a real foodie will be in a gastronomical heaven. The fruit in Singapore is also exceptionally good, so make sure you check out these three delights the next time you are there:


jvi_0007s_0000_durian Fruit in Singapore

No trip to Singapore is complete without trying the infamous durian fruit. Durian is a strange looking fruit that is spiky on the outside, and has soft creamy flesh on the inside. Most people know this fruit for its overwhelming smell. The aroma from this fruit is so strong that people are even banned from eating it on public transport! The taste of durian is quite distinct as well, and it is generally a taste that you grow to like, instead of loving it straight away. Durian can be eaten fresh or cooked as part of a dessert. There are also many durian flavoured lollies and cakes available in Singapore.


Health%20Benefits%20of%20Lychee%20Fruit(1) Fruit in Singapore



Lychees are found in most Asian countries and also around the world. But when in Singapore, you’ll be spoilt for choice on how, when and where to eat your lychee. All hawker centres sell fresh lychee drinks that are very refreshing to drink while eating your meal in the heat of the outdoor seating areas. Lychee drinks can also be purchased in cans from shops and they even make up part of the McDonald’s menu! Lychees are also used in main meals, desserts or eaten fresh on their own.



If you have driven through Singapore and noticed fruit hanging from trees wrapped in newspaper, chances are what you are seeing is chiku. This fruit attracts bats so locals wrap the fruit to ward off the bats until they are ripe enough for picking. Chiku is very sweet and is enjoyed fresh once the seeds are taken out. It can also be made into ice cream, custard or cakes.


Have you tried one of those fruits?