Healthy Lunch Ideas

We have all been there before, stuck in the office on a dreary Monday trying to decide what to go out and buy for lunch. Usually through a lack of inspiration or willpower, or both, we end up taking the easy route and getting our usual Laksa, all while thinking ‘diet starts tomorrow’ …


But eating healthy lunches in the office can be easy, you just need to be organised. Use these three healthy lunch ideas for inspiration, pack a lunch bag the night before and by midday the following day you’ll be thanking yourself that for a healthy meal all you have to do is go to the office fridge!


Roast Beef WrapHealthy Lunch Ideas

Next time you have a Sunday roast, keep some slices of beef aside for the next days lunch. Pop them onto a wrap with some chutney and salad and you have an instant meal that will make your colleagues green with envy. Finish off with a piece of fresh fruit.





Healthy Lunch IdeasRoast Chicken Salad

Same deal as above, the next time you have roast chicken for dinner put some aside for lunch the next day. Roast chicken is really nice as part of a big, yummy salad. Throw in some avocado, cherry tomatoes and spinach leaves. For a fresh twist on the salad, add some slices of orange.





Hearty Soup

2Q== Healthy Lunch IdeasWhen winter is here, there is nothing nicer than heating up a big bowl of hearty soup. If you are pushed for time you can simply buy the canned variety and keep it in your desk drawers for emergencies. But if you have the time over the weekend, put some soup into a slow cooker for that really authentic home-cooked flavour. Add a crusty bread roll to mop up the leftovers.


What is your favourite healthy lunch option?