Fruity Geography

Here in Australia we love our fruit.  We are blessed with some of the best produce in the world.  And, we are not fruit snobs, we are as passionate about a crunchy apple as we are about a ripe, delicious mango or a handful of ruby coloured cherries.  However, in other parts of the world, our favourite fruits don’t even rank in their top picks.


In Nepal, they are devoted to their beloved lapsi.  Similar to a mango but smaller in size, they are light green and have sour, soft white flesh.  It is commonly made into dried products, candy and pickles and the Nepalese adore it.

The longan, an extremely sweet tropical fruit with juicy white flesh, is enormously popular in China.  It is believed to have medicinal qualities that can assist with relaxation and is often used in soups.

A particularly popular fruit in Spain is the loquat, a small orangey-yellow pear shaped fruit, with flesh that tastes both sweet and sour.  While mostly eaten raw, it is widely used for making jams and preserves.

In Peru, their favourite fruit indulgence is a little closer to our Aussie hearts.  The gulupa, or passionfruit, is consumed in huge numbers and enjoys great popularity.

The rambutan is favoured in Vietnam.  Nature has packaged these fruit beautifully with their hairy garnet coloured exterior, they resemble displaced coral.  Once opened, the rambutan is grape like with sweet and sour flavours.

The luscious fig reigns supreme in the Valley of the Kings.  Egyptians consume millions of figs every year, enjoying them fresh or dried.

So, the next time you are out shopping for fruit, pick up your favourites and consider taking a quick trip around the world and trying some of the fruits that are popular in other countries.