Fruit as Garnish

Serving fruit on a platter at a dinner party is a refreshing treat after a heavy meal, and it is also easy to eat as finger food at gatherings. With the vibrant colours that various fruits offer, the fruit platter often looks as good as it tastes! But you can take the serving of fruit one step further, using it not only as food but also as a beautiful garnish. Here are some ideas that will get your guests talking!



Serve your guests Fruit Skewers. Simply cut the desired fruit into equal sized cubes, and put them onto a wooden skewer in alternating colours. Once done, you can arrange the skewers on a platter or for that little something extra, spear several of them into a watermelon and have them sticking out of it as a centerpiece.



Use the outside of fruits as ‘baskets’ to hold all of the fruit pieces in. This looks great and saves on the need to use a bowl or platter! Cut two quarters out of a watermelon so you are left with half a watermelon on the bottom as a ‘bowl’ and just a strip at the top as the ‘handle’. Scoop the flesh out and cut it into pieces or balls so it can be put back loosely inside the watermelon. Cut up or ball other pieces of fruit to add to the basket. This can also be done on a smaller scale with a rockmelon.


Skill Required:

Carve fruit to create creatures, characters, words or flowers. This takes some serious skill and patience to do, but the end result looks amazing! Most fruit can be carved in some way, shape or form and the size depends purely on what you want to make. You can carve things into the skin of a piece of fruit or you can take the skin off half of the fruit and carve a pattern into the exposed flesh.