How to stay healthy over Easter (and enjoy your chocolate)

HOW TO STAY HEALTHY OVER EASTER (AND ENJOY YOUR CHOCOLATE)Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dave Barry once wrote, "Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain." I'm sure many of you reading this know exactly what he means!


When it comes to Easter, it's easy to say "everything in moderation' when tantalising options lie before you. Rather than tell you to avoid chocolate altogether, our nutritionist has put together a few tips to help you stay healthy at work and at home over Easter.


1. Yes, it’s OK to eat chocolate!

Chocolate contains plenty of disease-fighting antioxidants and the darker the chocolate you choose, the more cocoa and therefore antioxidants it contains. Try and pick chocolate with 70% cocoa and savour smaller portions. Chocolate is also high in magnesium and has been shown to release calming endorphins, reducing the symptoms of PMS and anxiety, and helping to improve your mood.


2. Share your Easter bounty

If you’re swarming with thoughtful gifts from generous friends, family and colleagues, why not share them around. Not only will it make you feel good, it will also stop you from eating all the calories yourself.


3. One for them, one for me?

It’s a common theme for Easter Egg shoppers to overbuy, worried that a supermarket may run out, or simply as a way of rewarding yourself. Make a list of what you need to avoid delicious extras in your pantry.


4. Walk the calories you eat.

After a good Sunday lunch and your Easter Eggs, it’s tempting to pass out on the sofa in front of the TV. Tell yourself you can only put in what you’ve worked out! So, enjoy some family time by taking everyone out for a walk and start balancing out your extra calories.


5. Eat a healthy meal before you treat yourself.

It might be hard to keep your hands off, but by eating a balanced meal before you indulge, you can avoid putting your blood sugar levels in a spin.


6. Got a taste for something sweet?

Instead of reaching for chocolate, there are other ways to satisfy your cravings. Keep your fridge stocked with delicious fruit and reach for a healthy substitute.


7. Try gifting something a little healthier.

There are plenty of thoughtful choices out there to wish someone a Happy Easter. Why not treat them to a fruit hamper featuring a combination of naturally sweet and chocolate treats?


8. Get back into a smart workplace health routine quickly.

Once Easter is over, get back into your healthy-eating-at-work routine quickly, so you don’t slip into naughty eating habits.


9. Chocolate comes in fruit too!

Really – it’s true. Called Black Sapote, it’s a species of persimmon otherwise known as Chocolate Pudding Fruit. That’s because when it ripens, it assumes a flavour, texture and colour often likened to chocolate pudding.



P.S. If you’re still craving chocolate after this, take a look at BuzzFeed’s 19 Signs You’re a Chocoholic and work out if that sounds like you! While it doesn’t give any tips, it’s lots of fun and we’re sure many of the signs will resonate with you!