After-Lunch Distress: Is It Food Poisoning?

Emoji with stomach distressWe’ve all been there: what starts out as a few grumbles and rumbles of complaint from your belly after a pleasant midday meal soon erupts into a firestorm of gastrointestinal agony. Although you suspect that the culprit may have been the too-spicy curry or the greasy plate of fish and potatoes, you’re not certain. Here’s what to do if you think you might be suffering from food poisoning.

  • Quell queasiness. Sipping caffeine-free soda or a similar drink and nibbling on toast or crackers can beat back nausea and vomiting.
  • Take it easy. Try to rest to allow your body all of the energy it needs to fight the illness.
  • Don’t get dehydrated. If you’re suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms, be sure to drink a substantial amount of water to replace the hydration you’re losing.
  • Skip the over-the-counter meds. Although anti-diarrheal drugs can be effective at reducing symptoms, they can slow the process of getting over a case of food poisoning.
  • If symptoms persist, seek help. If your condition is severe or you have a fever, see a doctor.


Although food poisoning is surely one of the most uncomfortable illnesses to fall prey to, the good news is that these bouts usually only last as long as it takes for the offending food to pass through your body. Take note of the food that caused the negative reaction so you can avoid it in the future.