What fruit are you?

Did you know that the fruit you choose may reveal secrets about your personality? By choosing the cool kiwi over the mighty mango, you may be unwittingly revealing aspects of your true self. To find out what your favourite fruit could divulge about you, check the list below:


Apple: Although you may be quick tempered, you are an excellent leader and love being organised. Travel is your passion, you are outspoken and impulsive but everyone wants to have you around in an emergency.


Banana: Just like the fruit itself, you are soft hearted, warm and gentle and always willing to share your sympathetic ear. Often misjudged by your tender exterior, you use this to your advantage to excel.


Cherry: You are dreamy and creative. Kindness and loyalty abound in you. You love being at home and would make a great interior designer.


Grapes: A little out of the ordinary, you are passionate and thoughtful but easily bored. You are generous and love social interaction and witty conversation. You also have the ability to be a transformative friend, offering the benefit of your wisdom to others in their time of trouble.


Kiwi fruit: You are a true original. Highly focused on your career, you are good at problem solving, have a wonderful sense of humour, make friends easily and love to travel.


Mandarin: Highly intuitive, your perceptiveness means you are able to offer incisive insight where others see only confusion. You are committed and will champion a cause close to your heart.


Mango: You have opinions and are happy to share them. You are not easily influenced and have a strong sense of self. A true individual, you are unique and a born leader.


Orange: Perhaps a little shy but you are well admired for your unending patience. Thoroughly devoted you are a hard worker and have amazing willpower. You take your time but get great results.


Peach: While you value your privacy you are friendly, open and sincere. Fiercely independent and ambitious, you enjoy life to its full potential. Forgiveness is one of your greatest traits.


Fruit salad: Well, you just want it all!