The Benefits of Vitamin D

Health benefits of vitamin dAll vitamins and minerals play an important part in the functioning of the human body. Vitamin D is no exception to this as it brings many health benefits.

You need Vitamin D for strong bones, muscles and for general health. Having a deficiency in Vitamin D has been linked to a whole host of health problems such as: osteoporosis, bone and muscle pain, heart disease, diabetes, several types of cancer (predominantly colon cancer) and even mental health conditions. It should be noted that while low levels of Vitamin D are linked to these diseases and health problems, it is as yet unclear whether increasing Vitamin D could actually help prevent these diseases.


Some people are more likely to have low levels of Vitamin D, and these are the people who are less likely to get outside much. This includes office workers due to being indoors during daylight hours for most days of the week. If you are an office worker you should try to get out for at least two lunchtimes a week for a walk or to eat your lunch in a park nearby. Going for a walk will give you double the benefit as exercise actually helps the production of Vitamin D!


Vitamin D can come from certain foods such as meat, fish and eggs, but it is highly unlikely to get the essential amount of the vitamin through diet alone. Exposure to sunlight is the best way of getting the necessary levels of Vitamin D. Statistics show that there is an increase in the number of people who are low in vitamin D, which is up to a third of all Australians. Because people are so aware of sun damage and skin cancer they go out of their way to avoid the sun at all times. However, while it is of the utmost importance to be sun smart and not let yourself get dangerous exposure to the sun, you need to have some sunlight in your life to remain healthy. It is just about finding that balance between healthy and unhealthy exposure to sunlight.