How green is your workstation?

Do you want to be more eco friendly at work but your company hasn’t quite embraced the concept yet? How green and eco friendly is your office?There are many initiatives you can implement to turn your own personal work space green and reduce your personal carbon footprint at work.  Here are a few to get your started.


 - Reduce energy use and turn your computer off at the point before you leave each day.

- Use paper that is high in recycled value and then make sure you recycle the paper you do use.

- Turn off the lights when you leave.

- Reduce the amount of documents you print and when printing, print double sided to reduce paper usage.  You can also reduce font size and margins to increase the printable space on each piece of paper.

- Set up an electronic filing and archive system.

- Optimise electronic communications.

- Travel less and use technology to conduct meetings.

- Take your lunch to work in a reusable container and bring a coffee mug from home to reduce the use of disposable cups.  Make sure you bring reusable cutlery and napkins too

- Consider telecommuting if it’s an option.  Try working from home a few days each week to eliminate the daily commute.


These are just some of the ways you can create a low eco-impact work space in your work environment.  Each step towards reducing your carbon footprint is a positive one.  Perhaps your efforts will encourage your workmates to do the same and begin implementing some greening measures into their own work spaces.  Creating a greener workplace could ultimately result in a healthier, more sustainable place to work for everyone.