Greening the Workplace…With Plants

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the need to re-envision office life in a more eco-friendly manner. Although recycling programs, energy efficiency measures, and green office products are all the rage these days, there’s another type of greenery that can also boost your office’s environmental health – the old-fashioned kind, namely, plants.


Concerns about indoor air quality in offices and other large commercial buildings have been raised for decades before the current wave of green mania hit. Because plants help to produce clean air, they can offset some of the air quality issues that may plague some workplaces. And although it might be difficult to prove scientifically, an office teeming with eye-catching plants and flowers would seem to be aesthetically preferable to the alternative!


Thinking about introducing some plant life into your workplace? Use these tips to help choose plants that will enliven, purify, and embellish your office.

  • Rid the air of impurities. Plants that are prized for their ability to improve air quality include peace lilies, dracaena, and rubber plants.
  • Add much-needed moisture to the air. Battle the dry office air with humidifying plants, such as areca palm.
  • Create a dramatic accent. Plants like philodendrons or snake plants can add height and visual interest to even the drabbest office setting.
  • Black thumb? Select a low-maintenance plant. Cacti, spider plants, or jade plants are virtually unkillable.


Most office plants can survive and even thrive with just a few seconds of attention every workday. If your office has low lighting or other unusual conditions, be sure to check plant care labels to help you choose one that will be a suitable match for your office.