Go Green at Work

There’s been an increasing push urging us all to think about sustainable, eco-friendly modes of living these days, with changes ranging from the widespread introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles to renewable sources of energy and beyond. According to researchers at The Australia Institute, Australian workers spend more time at the office than those in virtually every other developed nation – an average of 1855 hours a year – so it stands to reason that green changes we make in the workplace are of vital importance to the overall effort to help the environment. Here are a few simple ways that you can make your office life more earth-friendly – and more healthy, to boot.


  • Lighten up on light use. Make an extra effort to turn off lights when you leave a room and replace old-fashioned bulbs with their newer, more efficient counterparts.
  • Ditch disposables. Encourage employees to bring their own plates, bowls, mugs, and cutlery, rather than relying on one-time-use paper products.
  • Skimp on printing. Whenever possible, use electronic alternatives to hard copies.
  • Add a healthy touch. The addition of a few plants can significantly boost indoor air quality in your workplace.
  • Turn your commute into a workout. If you live close enough to the office, make an effort to bike or walk to work once or twice a week.


Going green doesn’t have to entail an all-at-once lifestyle change. By implementing a few new habits at a time at home and at work, you can gradually shift gears toward a greener way of living.