8 Exercises you can do at your desk

8 Exercises you can do at your desk

Sitting is unhealthy.  In fact, the US even has the saying “Sitting is the new smoking”.  But despite all the arguments, statistics and medical evidence – the fact remains some jobs require you to sit at your desk pretty much all day.


The solution many doctors advise to prevent sitting-related health problems is quite simply to move.  If you’re busy getting that report out or crunching numbers and find it easy to lose track of time, set the alarm on your phone and take a break.  Move around, walk to the kitchen for a glass of water, walk over and talk to your colleague instead of sending them an email, or go for a walk around the block.  The small things you do all go towards improving your sitting health.


This week, we’re sharing an infographic featuring 8 super-easy exercises you can do at your desk using both your desk and chair.  Just by adding these simple routines to your day, you’re taking the first step to improving your sitting health.


Check out all of KT Tape‘s workouts in the workplace in the infographic below!


Infographic of working out in the office workplace