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  • Coping With a Noisy Office
    5 August 2020
    The loud clatter of an out-of-date heating and cooling system, the incessant whine of the photocopy machine, the annoying drone of officemates’ personal phone conversations – though they may seem like relatively minor distractions, these and other sources of office noise can take a surprisingly dramatic toll on productivity and well-being in the workplace.
  • Go Green at Work
    5 August 2020
    There’s been an increasing push urging us all to think about sustainable, eco-friendly modes of living these days, with changes ranging from the widespread introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles to renewable sources of energy and beyond.
  • How green is your workstation?
    5 August 2020
    Do you want to be more eco friendly at work but your company hasn’t quite embraced the concept yet? There are many initiatives you can implement to turn your own personal work space green and reduce your personal carbon footprint at work. Here are a few to get your started.
  • The Benefits of Vitamin D
    5 August 2020
    All vitamins and minerals play an important part in the functioning of the human body. Vitamin D is no exception to this as it brings many health benefits.
  • 8 Exercises you can do at your desk
    5 August 2020
    Sitting is unhealthy. In fact, the US even has the saying “Sitting is the new smoking”. But despite all the arguments, statistics and medical evidence – the fact remains some jobs require you to sit at your desk pretty much all day.
  • Quit smoking help is out there
    5 August 2020
    If you’re a smoker, chances are you understand what it’s doing to your body. But as any smoker knows, it’s not just about the cigarettes. It’s about the ritual and behaviours surrounding the cigarettes you smoke.
  • Chicken Salad with Grapes and Crumbled Feta
    5 August 2020
    Chicken Salad with a twist
  • Top 4 health benefits of green tea
    5 August 2020
    Drinking coffee and tea at work is a welcome ritual that almost everyone enjoys. But if you’re looking for an alternative to your usual choice of cuppa, why not take up the regular practice of drinking green tea?